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Why Generics is a Specialty Drugs Pharmacy focused on Oncology ( Anti-Cancer ) Drugs and drugs for other critical disease medications like HIV-AIDS. We offer the most comprehensive range of Branded & Generic Anti-Cancer & HIV-AIDS Medicines for a purchase and dispatch directly from our Registered and Licensed Wholesale / Retail Pharmacy.
What are Branded and Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs ?
Why to buy Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs and Medicines ?
How to identify a Generic Anti-Cancer Drug for any Branded Drug ?
How is the Curing Value of a Generic Anti-Cancer Drug identified ?
How is a Bioequivalence Study conducted ?
What are the Advantages of buying a Generic Anti-Cancer Drug ?
How to buy a Generic Anti-Cancer Drug ?
What are Branded and Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs ?
The actual medicinal content is the same ; the difference lies only in the marketing name !
An International Brand Anti-Cancer Medicine is the innovator drug which has been developed by its manufacturing pharmaceutical company. An Innovator company in order to develop a new Anti-Cancer drug spends a big amount of money on its R&D and then has to get its product pass certain Clinical and Non-Clinical tests and studies. These studies are required by the FDA to ensure that the drug is effective in treating a specific Cancer condition and is also safe for human use. On account of the First Time development made by the Innovator company, they enjoy certain Patent rights for a certain period during which they not only recover the Drug Development costs of the product but are also able to earn huge profits on their product manufacturing costs.

Generic Anti-Cancer Medicines, on the other hand, are made after the expiry of the Patent period or as per the laws of the manufacturing country, it may be made by other manufacturers even before that as a Generic of the original branded product – by conducting
stringent Quality and Therapeutic equivalence tests and on the basis of containing the same type and amount of the Active Medicinal Raw-materials as the Branded version of that Anti-Cancer drug.
Why to buy Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs and Medicines ?
The world recognizes the Benefits for a switchover from Brand Names !
Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs and Medicines , in current times, have the maximum demand for Cancer treatment.
Very simply, Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs are medicines containing exactly the same API - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (the medicinal raw material which acts as a cure for the disease condition it is prescribed to treat).

The Generic Anti-Cancer medicines use the same quantity of the API as a Branded Drug , to be sold as a similar finished form medicine.

In some cases, the Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs manufacturer do further research to develop dosage strengths and forms additional to the Branded Anti-Cancer Drugs and may contain different inactive raw materials (ingredients that effect the drugs taste, colour, shape , smell, etc, but on their own do not have any effect as the main APIs curing effect) compared with their branded counterparts.

International Brand names being under a Copyright protection, the Generic Anti-Cancer
Drugs are sold under a different Marketing Brand Name and should therefore not be confused as a ‘counterfeit medicines’, which sadly is the ill motivated propaganda of the Branded Drug Manufacturers to maintain their turf of sales and profits.

The volume of Generic Anti-Cancer Medicines being sold internationally is having an increasing Year on Year sales as the consumer patients have realized their treatment value as being similar to any Branded Anti-Cancer medicine. The trend is supported by many countries governments who have started to implement policies to encourage the use of Generic Anti-Cancer Medicines as they have the same treatment results yet are cheaper than the comparative brand-name Anti-Cancer medicines.

The switch to and the widespread use of Generic Anti-Cancer Medicines thus has visible and measureable cost benefits and curing results for the patient consumers.

How to identify a Generic Anti-Cancer Drug for any Branded Drug ?
Easy, just see and compare the LABEL CLAIM on the strip or carton !
Though the Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs are sold under a different brand name than the Branded Anti-Cancer
Drugs, the brand names have no value other than a Marketing tool as an identification of the manufacturers product.

The main point of relevance to determine the Generic Drugs similarity to the Branded Medicine is to see the Label Details which are statutorily required to be mentioned below the Brand Name - the name and quantity of the active ingredient put in the drug product .

In the case of a branded Anti-Cancer medicine and its generic version, the label may have a different brand name but will have the same active ingredient. With a comparable quality yet a price edge over the Brand Drug, the Generic Medicine may also be available in other lower or higher strengths and dosage forms than the innovator Brand to fulfill the identified needs of the Medical fraternity.
On , all medicines are sold by a mention of the Medicine Label Claim of the Generic Drug ; buyers should consult their Prescribing Doctor to determine which Generic Drug is similar to the informed Branded Drug and order under the Informed Consent of the Prescribing Physician.

How is the Curing Value of a Generic Anti-Cancer Drug identified ?
The Generic Manufacturers conduct a THERAPEUTIC BIOEQUIVALENCE for that !
The Drugs Regulatory Authorities of the countries ( in which are dispensing International Wholesale Pharmacies are located ) give the approval for manufacturing a Generic Drug only after they are satisfied that the Generic Medicine is bioequivalent to a Branded Medicine.

In order to do so, the pharmaceutical manufacturing company of the Generic Drug conducts stringent scientific studies (called BioEquivalence / BioAvailability Studies ) on Human Volunteers to test that the medicines have similar biological values like Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism And Excretion.

The Drug Regulator of these countries ( similar to our US Federal Drugs Authority ) allows the Generic Manufacturer company to produce and market its Generic Anti-Cancer Medicine only after it has conducted BE/BA studies which successfully prove the medicines efficacy as being similar to the compared Brand medicine i.e. its overall bioavailability and effectiveness in treating the cancer condition is as intended.

The BE / BA Study reports are exhaustive documents which are kept in the possession of the permitting Drugs Authority , as a documented record of the Efficacy ( Curing Value ) of the approved medicine.

How is a Bioequivalence Study conducted ?
It’s a Clinical Testing, conducted on Humans BEFORE THE COMMERCIAL INTAKE BY HUMANS !
BE / BA studies are conducted on 20, 40 or more of healthy human volunteers ( numbers may vary as per the
Drug / Drug Authorities needs) , the objective being to assess the bioequivalence of Generic Medicine with the Branded Medicine.

Each Human Volunteer is given a dose of the brand drug and a dose of the generic drug, on separate predetermined time gaps which ensure that a sufficient time is there between the two medicines intake so that the first medicines active ingredient does not remain in the bloodstream before the second medicine is taken.

The dosage strength ( the quantity of the active ingredient ) for both the medicines is kept the same because the Generic Medicine must show the same result as the Branded Medicine. The two medicines are considered Bioequivalent only when the results of bioequivalence testing are statistically within a set value range in terms of peak plasma concentration and time to reach peak plasma concentration.

What are the Advantages of buying a Generic Anti-Cancer Drug ?
The Equal Benefits at Lower Costs , this says it all !
The major advantage of a Generic Anti-Cancer Medicine use by a Patient or the immediate family is the SIMILAR TREATMENT EFFECT AT A BIG COST BENEFIT.

Generic Anti-Cancer Drug manufacturers do not have to bear the initial exploratory R&D costs and just have to follow a set formula of Branded Drug discovery and procedure; and so it is often a cheaper option for the patient. As the Branded Anti-Cancer Drugs are generally very high price medicines, this cost advantage helps the patent's ability to strictly follow the dosage quantity and multiple long duration schedules prescribed by the doctor.

Cancer is a critical disease and not complying to the prescribed dosage can have negative health effects and the drug will not show the intended treatment as well as it should. Having equivalent quality of the branded Anti-Cancer drug at cheaper medication costs helps to save huge amounts of money and makes it financially feasible to continue
the Medicines for the whole duration of the prescribed treatment.

How to buy a Generic Anti-Cancer Drug ?
The cost advantage and the quality equivalence with the Branded Drugs being acknowledged, all countries allow their citizens to import certain quantities of their Medicine needs ( generally for a 3 month dosage requirement ).

The import need may arise because the Generic version of the Branded Drug may not yet be available in that country and it is not easy to find a source which can sell them the Generic Equivalent of the prescribed Branded Drug. stands tall and proud above all the sellers of Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs ; our Indenting Sales is not just a Business for us , it is also a redemption of the Social Service Goals we have set for ourselves.

We are the first and foremost identified online source of Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs indent selling to patients around the world , facilitating for them a Direct buying from Licensed International Wholesale Pharmacies and a resultant Big Savings on medicinal expenses !