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About Us is a Specialty Drugs Pharmacy focused on Oncology ( Anti-Cancer ) Drugs and drugs for other critical disease medications like HIV-AIDS. We offer the most comprehensive range of Branded & Generic Anti-Cancer & HIV-AIDS Medicines for a purchase and dispatch directly from our Registered and Licensed Wholesale / Retail Pharmacy.
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We are an Online wholesale Pharmacy having a focused sale of Branded and Generic Anti-Cancer Drugs and Medicines and are operational from Hong Kong.

We started the Export of Generic Medications by a DropShipping Sales to major Canada online pharmacies.

Since 2012, we have expanded our business by starting a Direct–to–Patient retail online pharmacy – – which is currently offering the most comprehensive range of High Quality – Low Cost Generic Anti-cancer and Hiv/Aids Drugs Drugs directly from Canada, India,Turkey and few other countries.
Our tens of satisfied business pharmacy buyers and the hundreds of direct patient customers are a testimony to the quality and affordability of our medicines making us the best and the most renowned source of Generic Oncology Drugs – shipped directly from Reputed International pharmacies to your doorstep.

Say No to High Medication Costs
The nosebleeding-highly-expensive and yet ever-rising prescription drugs costs are a major concern for the patients of this dreaded disease all over the world.

It is a pitiable situation that on one hand the Innovator Pharmaceutical MNCs of the Branded medicines are foremost concerned about their profits and on the other hand the Insurance Companies are not willing to pick the full tab of the critical disease medicines for the health and well-being of individuals.

Recognizing this irony, is an Reputed online pharmacy offering high quality discount prescription drugs at the lowest prices possible.

We have dispensed medications for the past 5 years and filled over 700 + prescriptions, 72% of which are repeat requirement orders. Our business model of low profit add-ons on the Export Costs has helped us earn good repute from our buyers and is also a Social Cause satisfaction for us.
Say Yes to High Quality and Full Transparency
Ever since our Generic Cancer Drugs online pharmacy was established nearly 2 years ago, our motto is to provide affordable drugs with high safely and proven efficacy for the treatment.

Our SOP is established to ensure that quality of the medicine is not compromised for our discount Anti-Cancer prescription drugs right from our purchase from the MNC manufacturers till the final shipment to you. This, coupled with our low cost and profits, has been the primary reason for our considerable success.
Our company takes pride to have always operated in a 100% legal manner with all the Statutory Registrations and Certifications for a Pharmacy trade and have no need to hide our Operations Address.
( BEWARE : why do many online pharmacies never disclose their Physical Address ? )
Having started as a Dropshipper wholesaler, we have a mindset to sell all our products at the most reasonable profit margins over the Exporting costs and do not need to hide the Country of Origin to add undue Profit Margins.
( BEWARE : why do many online pharmacies never disclose the Country of Origin of their Drugs ? )