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Brain Tumor
Available Drugs and Overview of Disease & Treatment Options

Available Drugs offers the following Generic Drugs / Generic equivalent of Brand Medications for the treatment of Brain Tumor :
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Disease Overview

Adrenocortical Carcinoma

Brain Tumor / tumour, is an abnormal growth of cells within the brain or the central spinal canal. This disease gets started by the creation of an uncontrolled abnormal cell division, which may happen in the brain, in the membrane envelops of the brain and the spinal cord, the skull, in the lymphatic / lymphoid tissue, in the vessels of the blood, in the cranial nerves which originate in the brain to reach its periphery through the skulls natural openings, in the pituitary gland lying at the base of the brain, or in the pineal gland (the pea-sized organ in the brain). The spread of Brain tumors may also happen as metastatic tumors i.e. spreading from cancers which are located primarily the in other organs of the body.

  • Brain Tumor is a cancer form in which there is an uncontrolled formation of abnormal cells in various areas of the brain.
  • Brain tumor may also spread from another part of the body to the brain and is then diagnosed as a metastatic tumor.
  • The brain controls all the bodily functions and so the early detection and treatment of Brain Tumors is very important.
  • The abnormal features of the cancer cells and the likely speed and spread of the Brain tumor determines the tumor grade:
    • Grade I – low grade and slow growth likely, tumor is curable and can be removed by surgery.
    • Grade II – slow growth but with a likelihood of spreading into the nearby tissues, chances are there for recurrence even after surgery and treatment.
    • Grade III – much quicker growth, with a more likelihood of spreading into the nearby tissues.
    • Grade IV – high grade with the growth and spread of the tumor being very quick, the tumor is usually incurable.
  • The area and type of formation of the brain and spinal cord tumors gives it the medical diagnosis as.
    • Astrocytic Tumors
    • Embryonal Cell Tumors
    • Ependymal Tumors
    • Germ Cell Tumors
    • Meningeal Tumors
    • Mixed Gliomas
    • Oligodendroglial Tumors
    • Pineal Parenchymal Tumors
    • Recurrent Brain Tumors
    • Sellar Region Tumors
  • Medical science has still not been able to determine as to what causes most of the brain tumors.
  • Brain and spinal cord tumors show different symptoms in different people and are dependent on the tumors starting area in the brain, the body function controlled by the brain part and the tumors size.
  • Even general ill-conditions like morning headache, nausea and vomiting, appetite loss, weakness etc may be a cause and symptom of brain tumors.
  • Physical examination and history, Neurological exam, Visual field exam, Tumor marker test, Gene testing, CAT scan, MRI scan, SPECT scan , PET scan, Angiogram and biopsy are used for the early detection and diagnosis of any Brain tumor.
  • Brain tumors are in majority diagnosed and removable by surgery by a timely detection.
  • The treatment options and the chances of disease recovery are dependent on the stage and location of the tumor.

Treatment Option Overview

  • Patients suffering from Brain Tumors have different types of treatment options.
  • Standard treatment options for Brain Tumors are:
    • Surgical Removal
    • External / Internal Radiation therapy by using high-energy x-rays
    • Chemotherapy by use of Oral Drugs or injectables
  • Certain other newer type of treatments which are being tested in clinical trials are :
    • Biologic therapy, also known as biotherapy or immunotherapy, in which the immune system of the patient is used to fight cancer
    • Proton beam radiation therapy using flow of protons to provide an energy intensive external radiation therapy.
    • Targeted therapy using drugs etc for the identification and targeted attack on specific cancerous cells only
  • Supportive care is necessary to ease the pain or any associated problems arising out of the disease and from its treatment.
  • Depending on the stage and the type of cancer, it may be beneficial for certain patients to opt for treatment through a clinical trial / cancer research process.
  • The Protocol or methodology of a clinical trial determines if the patients can opt for that clinical trial before starting their cancer treatment or during that or after that.
  • Follow-up tests and periodic check-ups should be got done to see if the disease condition has improved or if there is a recurrence or come-back of the cancer.